Stockflow - Logical solutions to logistic
needs of successful pharmacies.

stockflow stockflow stockflow


StockFlow combines efficient storage with good ergonomics. The modular system can adapt to the varied and changing requirements of all types of pharmacies.

The StockFlow Combi Tray can be used in a sloping position or as a horizontal drawer. In the sloping position stock glides down to the picking edge. The tray can be drawn out to allow replenishment of the stock from the back giving correct order of use according to the 'first in first out' principle. This simple procedure also allows the use of deeper trays located closer together which gives a higher storage capacity.

  • Freestanding work station and storage system

  • Can be easily adapted to changes in the pharmacy's work routines

  • All components are interchangeable

  • Can be integrated with bespoke laminated woodwork such as benches and gables

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