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Innovative & creative

Sintek was established in the late 1960s after Swedish Pharmacist Carl Bjorge examined the way his staff stored and picked dispensary stock from the shelves. He also noticed that the space between the shelves was greater than that taken up by the products.

It became obvious to him that the shelves needed to be easily adjustable to accommodate varying pack sizes, made deeper to give greater capacity and then by using adjustable dividers the stock could be kept safe and tidy. He then started to address the problem of how to ensure first in first out stock rotation by placing new stock at the back of deep shelves that are set close together whilst keeping items easily identifiable and convenient for picking at the front of the shelf.

The answer, sloping shelves that can be extended forward for restocking with a clear front picking edge. The sloping shelves were complemented by similar horizontal drawers and could be used in compination with flat shelves as well as being incorporated into work stations and dipensing benches. Soon a whole range of accessories was available, designed specifically to meet the exacting needs of pharmacy storage and work operations.

Over 40 years on Sintek and StockFlow is still developing and meeting the demand for the safe and secure storage of pharmceuticals and can be found in hospital and community pharmacies around the world.